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If you're staring at screens all day while you work from home, or if you're experiencing dry, tired eyes, perhaps digital strain is hitting you...hard đŸ˜« The bad news is that all that prolonged exposure to our screens is really harmful to our eye health but here's the good news - anti blue light glasses might just be the solution! 

So, you may be wondering: what is blue light and its significance?

Blue light is a type of visible light with wavelength of 380nm to 500nm. This makes blue light close to ultraviolet (UV) light on the visible light spectrum, and we all know how harmful UV rays are. Similarly, blue light bring about preventable impacts on our health, such as fatigue and poor sleep.

Blue light is most commonly emitted from LED screens including our computers, mobile phones, and TVs. Besides devices, the sun is also a major source of blue light. This means that all of us are constantly being exposed to this harmful light and our eye health is at risk of deteriorating over time yet not all of us are doing something about it! đŸ’»

Did you know? đŸ””

1. Close to 1/3 of all visible light is blue light!

2. Almost all visible blue light passes through the barriers of our cornea and lens. Our naked eye will be hit by direct blue light with no protection.

3. One of the harmful effects of increased exposure to digital screen technology is the lower production of melatonin - an important hormone in sleep regulation! So if you can't fall asleep at night and you haven't figured out why, this may be the reason! 

That is also why you should start protecting your eyes from the harmful blue light as early as possible! For those of us who love to take a scroll on TikTok or Instagram before bed, wearing blue light glasses can help with our ability to fall asleep. Even in the day, these glasses can keep us more alert and increase our productivity at work. That sounds like the best of both worlds, doesn't it? đŸ‘©đŸ»â€đŸ’»

If you're unsure of where to get your anti blue light glasses in Singapore, look no further. foptics is just the optical store for you! foptics' newly improved second generation BluShield lenses have reduced yellowish tint to offer the best colour perception of your surroundings.

At foptics, we believe that protecting your eyes shouldn't be expensive. Hence, we make sure that our BlueShield glasses are affordable and can still do their job well! Of course, foptics also offer prescription BluShield lenses and you can simply insert your optical details at the checkout page. 

It's time to say goodbye to your tired eyes at the end of the day! You can even wear your best look while protecting your eyes. Click here to view a wide range of frames to fit your next beautiful pair of BluShield glasses. Drop by our stores for an eye check if you need an updated prescription. Lastly, for more information, feel free to contact us online or offline. See you! đŸ•¶

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