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The All-In-One Glasses That You Need

Who are progressive glasses meant for?

Progressive glasses are meant for folks who have difficulty focusing on near objects. This condition, known as presbyopia, is a natural process of aging and typically occurs to individuals around the age of 40.

What are progressive lenses?

How do progressive glasses work?

Progressive glasses combine the distance power and the near addition (reading) power into a single lens. The power changes gradually from the upper part of the lenses, which is used for distance vision, to the bottom part of the lenses, which is used for near vision. You are able to enjoy clear vision at different distances by simply moving your eyes up and down. 

Benefits of progressive glasses

Convenience! A comfortable pair of progressive glasses will fulfil most of your vision needs, and you no longer need to switch between distance, intermediate and near glasses to view different distances.

Progressive glasses can also be embedded with other functions such as blue-light protection, or photochromic (colour changing) properties to fulfil a wider range of lifestyle and needs.

Modern multifocal lenses, unlike bifocal lenses of the olden days, do not have an obvious line in the middle that shows off your experience in life. It looks just like any lenses from the outside! 

How to choose the right progressive glasses for you

Fitting a comfortable pair of progressive glasses is a journey, and we will be guiding you along the entire way.

Here at foptics, our qualified optical staff will first perform an eye examination for you, to determine the prescription
that is comfortable for your daily use. We will then find out more about your lifestyle and habits to discover the pair of lenses that will be the most suitable for you.

We offer a very wide range of progressive lenses. From entry-level lenses which starts from just $159.90 all in, to top of the line progressive glasses which offers more customization parameters for greater ease of adaptation and comfort, or maybe just something in between, you can be sure to find the perfect lens that works for you!

Our Prices

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With progressive glasses starting at just $159.90, you can have a seamless and convenient daily experience at only $0.22per day over the span of two years! Take in the sight of the scenery while taking walks and read texts clearly on ur phone and papers all with just a single pair of glasses. Come by for a complimentary eye exam (with any purchase) with us now, to get helpful advice from our friendly optician :)

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