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lens Comparison

  • BluShield Lenses (PC lenses)

    Protect your eyes from your everyday tasks in front of your computer and increase your productivity at both work and play. 

    foptics' anti blue light lenses, BluShield, are good for those who spend a good amount of time in front of their laptops and mobile devices. These lenses block out harmful blue light that emits from electronic devices and prevent them from entering our eyes.

    BluShield blue light blocking glasses may help to reduce eye fatigue, dryness or other irritations caused by the harmful blue light! 

  • RayActive Lenses (Colour changing lenses)

    RayActive lenses, are photochromic lenses for those who lead an active lifestyle outdoors and don't want the hassle of bringing an additional pair of sunglasses. This lenses changes to a darker shade based on the intensity of UV light while remaining clear indoors, adding a touch of style while you are outdoors.

    Leave your sunglasses behind and let our quick color changing photochromic RayActive lenses do their magic to ensure your glasses are at the correct shade at all times.

  • Lens Index

    Lens index indicates how thin the lenses are. The higher the index, the thinner the lenses. Higher index lenses are recommended for higher prescription. The thickness of the resulting lenses will depend on the frame size, your pupillary distance, and your prescription.

    Our lenses (BluShield, RayActive and Basic) all include UV400, electromagnetic (EMI) protection, scratch resistance and water resistance coating.