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Control your child's myopia progression

Lifestyle shifts coupled with hereditary genes contributes mostly to the increase in your child's myopia. A child's myopia is very likely to be worst than his parents at a much younger age, and it is unavoidable for your child to spend more time in front of screen and less time outdoors for school or play. Start controlling your child's myopia progression with best-in-class solutions for a better quality of life at foptics.

Our Solution

Reduction in myopia progression

Fret not, with myopilux lenses for our young friends*, there is a reduction in myopia progression (up to 51%)

* Age between 6 to 16 years old (as soon as myopia appears)

How Myopilux® Lenses work

1) Correction

Vision correction at the top of the lens, offering clear far vision.

2) Control

Additional magnification at the bottom of the lens, reducing effort needed for near vision vision, hence controlling myopia progression.

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Receive a Home Eye test Story Book with every purchase of Myopilux® Lenses

(Information adapted from Essilor. For more information, head to:}

Stellest vs Myopilux

Stellest™ Myopilux®
Efficacy Rate

67% Efficacy Rate (ER)

Myopilux® Plus - 33% ER

Myopilux® Max - 51% ER


H.A.L.T - Highly Aspherical Lenslet Target

Myopilux® Plus - Progressive Design

Myopilux® Max - Bifocals Design


Adapt within 1 Week



Aesthetically Clear

Myopilux® Plus - Clear

Myopilux® Max - Obvious line in the middle

Adult Supervision

Adult supervision not required

Frame needs to be positioned well on face

Use with Atropine

Suitable for atropine eye drop dosage of 0.01% or 0.001%

Suitable for any dosage of atropine eye drops

Give your kid a better quality of life, control myopia progression now

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