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Guide to Understanding your Prescription Card and Vision

_S -1.50, Cyl -0.75, PD 63... What are all these numbers on my prescription card and what do they say about my vision? 🤔 ⁣

Be confused no more - here’s a simple guide for you to better understand your vision! (But if you’re unsure of your prescription or if it’s still accurate, do pop by our stores for a complimentary eye check!)

Prescription Card

Firstly, let's figure out what the alphabet 'S' stands for on your prescription card.

Next, 'Cy' is the indication for astigmatism and 'Ax' represents the axis.

Presbyopia is the inability of the eyes to focus on near objects, and this is a common effect of ageing. 

Finally, you also need to know your pupillary distance (PD) when making your glasses! Do visit us and let our professional opticians measure your PD for you or check our the foptics Lens Scanner app to measure your PD. 

A common question is whether our contact lens prescription is the same as that for glasses. The answer is no! You'll need a separate prescription for your glasses.

Glasses are worn at a distance from the eyes, while contact lenses rest directly over the cornea of the eyes. Hence, the degrees required for your eyeglasses and your contact lenses may differ. Furthermore, important information, such as PD, are omitted from a contact lens prescription. However, they are required when making a pair of glasses. For optimal vision clarity, we recommend getting a prescription specially for glasses!

If you're unsure of your prescription, you can always drop by our stores for a complimentary eye check with every purchase! No appointment needed. Find out more here! 👀

That concludes our quick and easy guide to understanding all the alphabets on your prescription card! Now that you know what they mean, you can now confidently shop for your next pair of glasses on our website with your prescription!

Till our next post, happy shopping! 🛒 👓