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How do I choose the right lens?

Do I need anti-blue light lens? And will the lens be thick for my degree? 🤔

Who knew choosing lenses can be such a headache too! 😂 But fret no longer, foptics University have come up with a systematic guide to help you select the right pair of lens to match that beautiful frame you’ve chosen!

The two most important factors are the features and index of your lens!

Features of lens are dependent on your lifestyle - Are you always looking at digital screens? Or are you always out and about under the sun? On the other hand, index of lens is dependent on your prescription (degree). If you do not know your degree, feel free to drop by our stores for a complimentary eye check (with every purchase).


BluShield Lens

First up - BluShield lens! These are anti-blue light lenses that can protect our eyes from the harmful blue light emitted by our electronic devices that we stare at all day! This is the right lens choice for those who spend a good amount of time in front of their laptops and mobile devices, which is especially common during this WFH season.

Did you know? Close to one-third of all visible light is blue light and almost all visible blue light passes through the barrier of our cornea and lens. In addition, one of the harmful effects of increased exposure to digital screen technology is the lower production of melatonin, which is an important hormone in sleep regulation!

With our BluShield glasses, you can say goodbye to digital eye strain, eye fatigue and having dry irritated eyes all day while you WFH! This might be the key to help you get better sleep at night!

RayActive Lens

Next, what is RayActive lens? 🧐 These are our photochromic lenses which changes colour depending on light intensity! The lenses stay clear indoors but change to a darker shade once you're outdoors. This changing lens is the perfect choice for those who lead an active lifestyle outdoors and do not want the hassle of bringing an additional pair of sunglasses. Step out into the sun and viola! Your prescription glasses are now your sunglasses ☀️

Sunglasses are important in helping us reduce eye strain and eye damage by blocking out UV light. With our RayActive lenses, you will never forget your pair of sunglasses again!

Stand out from the crowd with the colour of your lens! Besides the standard grey lens, our RayActive POP range gives you the option of more interesting colours: blue, pink and purple! 🌈

Lens Index

Don't know what is lens index? It is essentially the thickness, or thinness, of your lens. The higher the index, the thinner the lenses. Depending on your prescription, you may have to choose a higher lens index if you want to have thin lenses. While we recommend higher index lenses for those with higher prescriptions, it is still up to your own preference!👌🏼

Here's a summarised chart on the type of lens to go for!

We hope you're now equipped with the knowledge on how to choose the right lens based on your lifestyle! You can visit our website to find out more on the pricing for the different each lens type and index.

Right lens + beautiful frame = perfect glasses = #seebaehappy 😊  

See you in the next post of foptics University! 👀