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How do I choose the right frame? (Part 2)

We know you've been waiting so here it is! Here's how to choose the right frame - Part 2!

Skin Tone

A frame colour that complements our skin tone can help to elevate our look and the energy we give off! We have different recommendations of frame colour for different skin tones.

For those with a fair skin tone, go for rose gold, clear, egypt, floral, wine or autumn frames. If you have a dark skin tone, try our black, silver, knight, egypt, gold, autumn or emerald frames.


It is also important to pick the right frame for the right occasion! Depending on the different settings, your frame choice should be able to match your outfit and bring out your best look.  

For a day out or date night, trendy and stylish frames can up your street cred and keep you looking your best. For work and other formal settings, professional looking frames can make your peers and colleagues take you more seriously. If you're into sports, our flexible and sturdy frames can help you play comfortably and ace that game! 

Sounds complicated? Don't worry - we've got you covered! Be it for a fun day out or date night, or even for the professional workplace and for exercising, we have the right frame for every occasion!

Give Burmilla and Esther a shot when you go for your day out/date night! Trust this pair of cat eye glasses to spice out your outfit and Esther can most definitely give you that effortless, elegant look that you're after.


For work, opt for more professional looking frames such as Tao and Hamu. They're the frames to go if you want to give off the right impression at work - professional and reliable! 👍🏻 Besides, they can surely go well with both causal and formal wear!

It's easy to look good even while working those muscles! Plastic frames, such as Game and Econvacs, are more resistant to sweat than mental frames. These frames are also flexible, which means longer lasting frames as they do not break easily. You can exercise without a worry!

Enjoy the best of both worlds with our hybrid frames! Make the easy switch from regular glasses to sunglasses with our convenient clip-ons. You no longer need to be wearing your contact lens with your sunglasses. Now, who wouldn't like a fuss-free 2-in-1 glasses?!

That concludes all the tips that will help you choose the right frame! At the end of the day, we strongly recommend you to choose the frame that you like best. Feeling good means looking good! 😌

We hope you’ve found this guide useful and feel free to share this article with your friends and fam! See you on the next instalment of foptics University! 🤓